Isn't a landlord supposed to give you 24 hours notice before entering your apartment unless it is an emergency

I stopped at my apartment for lunch. As I was walking to my door, my landlord (who lives in the same building) called me over to let me know he was going to replace the air filter in my apartment later that afternoon. Normally, my apartment is fine, but I had my kids over and they completely trashed the place. Panicked, I told my work I would be few hours longer and frantically straightened up everything.

If I had been given adequate notice, I would not have to have missed some work.

This is the first time this has happen. Already had her come in once when I wasn't home because I left a window open and she was afraid the rain might come in the apartment (which there is no way it would have (The upper half was open and it wasn't raining that hard.)

I just think she looks for excuses to be nosey.

I would move but the rent is really good for the area I live in. I miss living in a complex. They are really good about following rules and regulations.

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    You are correct-they must give you notice. Try politely explaining to her that you would really like the notice. Be honest. Explain that you have kids and am embarassed when the house needs a cleanup and she comes in without giving you time to clean it up.

    This should not be a problem for her. Be firm about your request.

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    Only if your lease spells out 24 hours notice - most just say something about making a reasonable attempt to contact you prior to entering. Yes - owners are a lot more particular about how their homes are treated - much the way you feel about your car when someone borrows it - and tend to treat it more or less like they own the place (which they do).

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    evaluation your hire. it is not ok for her to do it, and it is going to not be criminal. in case you may permit her do it, deliver her a letter mentioning which you will carry her to blame if something is going lacking. once you're in an stronger city, there's a branch of the honest Housing Board or somebody else to signify you on your rights. She appears like a real fool inviting strangers to come lower back in the place your individual possessions are. she will't watch the finished place at as quickly as. you may desire to sabotage it. Ask considered one of your buddies to have an obnoxious loud social gathering. Borrow a chum's canines, and get in touch with the owner to declare there's a canines in the apt on the twenty fourth. deliver the police over there in the path of the afternoon - tell them you think of there's a housebreaking or drug deal occurring. cook dinner liver and onions the nite till now, depart the leftovers on the counter, do not take out the trash.

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    The only reasons the owner of a building can enter a rented dwelling in my area (Montreal) is fire or flooding.

    Other than that, he or she must give you 24 hours notice if they want to enter your dwelling to make a repair, etc.

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    Yes, after all. It is their place, you are just renting. But, he should give you at least a 24 hour notice, before entering your place. Sounds, like someone is nosy.

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    you should have told him that it wasn't a good time. don't blame him for your failure not to tell him to come back tomorrow. it sounds like he happened to catch you and thought he'd get the job done and just notify you in person. as for closing your window, it sounds somewhat plausible.

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