What makes microwaves and metal a volatile combination, and how is this overcome in more recent microwaves?

I'm not exactly sure for how long there have been microwaves sold with metallic surfaces -in- them (as in the same space where the food gets cooked), but I know they exist, and have often been curious as to the details of their success.

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    Microwaves--the electromagnetic radiation--cook food by an alternating electric field. If a conducting material, e.g. metal, is placed in a microwave, this causes current to flow through it, electrons getting sloshed back and forth. For smooth, rounded objects, this is no problem, the metal simply gets very hot. For objects with dicontinuities, however, the situation is different. Take the tines on a fork, for example. If electrons are placed in an electric field that puts tine A at a higher potential than tine B, the electrons will arc through the air, if the gap is small enough, to get to tine A--resulting in sparks. The same thing can be seen with houshold electricity. The prongs on a plug are far enough apart, there is no arc. If you were to make a short circuit, (don't) by say, plugging a wire in one side of the outlet, the current will arc as you try to plug the other end in, if you're not electrocuted--before it ever makes contact--once the gap is small enough.

    A conductive film with many gaps or irregularities, such as foil, will have more places of arcing which is why they are especially volatile. The coolest thing to microwave is an audio CD--the small gaps due to the recording on the film in the CD makes for a spectacular show!

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    You can have metal inside a microwave, although it will absorb and block the waves if placed between the the microwave source and what you are trying to heat. You can, for example, heat a bowl of soup with the spoon in it.

    What you should not do is put foil in the microwave. Foil also absorbs the microwaves but does not have enough mass to keep from burning and sparking.

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    in basic terms beat the eggs with some salt and pepper and a sprint milk or water place them in a microwave secure dish and cook dinner on severe. Microwaves are different, so start up with a minute. the element will self-compliment, yet this is okay. whether it remains runny after a minute, then do 30 seconds greater till this is not runny. the effect is a mass of cooked eggs formed like the dish you used; not precisely like scrambled eggs. in case you used a around dish, you ought to positioned your omelet toppings in there and fold it over, then you quite've an omelet. you additionally can upload the beef earlier you cook dinner it and meat would be embedded interior the cooked egg. My mom used to make egg sandwiches for me this form. We used a sq. dish so it might greater healthy on sq. bread. a sprint mustard and a slice of cheese and that i presumed it grow to be heaven....... i understand greater effective now, whether it is going to do in a pinch.

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