Help with nails?

Hey, I just took off my tips which I got done 3 weeks ago by dipping it into acetone for about 40 mins. The problem is some of the stuff didn't come off (hard solid stuff) , but the tips came off. Should I be concerned that they are still on my nails or can i just cut them off once my nails grow more? (I never got my nails done before so this is new to me)

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    no dont be concerned at all!

    that hard stuff is either the glue or a bit of the plastic nail tip

    it will come off like in a week as you wash ur hands and shower

    if not, nails do grow pretty quick, and you can cut off any thing left over like that

    hope i helped = ]


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    1 decade ago

    get a toothpick and pick them out!

    Source(s): thats what i do
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