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(freaky opinion question) My gf reads my mind or reads my eyes idk witch but just asking for opions on this?

Ok, my girlfriend can read my mind. Idk how, or if she really is or not. But she says sumtimes it happens sumtimes it dosnt. I tell her to read my mind sumtimes and i repeat the same thing and my mind and she reads it sumhow. Often she looks into my eyes and studies them, but she does it on the phone sumtimes. An example of a time would be just last night, i said, "read my mind" and she looked at me for a while, and kissed me then said "I love you too" and thats exactly what i was thinking, ("I love you"). It was weird but kind of cool. Is this possible or is she a really good guesser? she never gets it wrong and its not always things that come in moment like where she may be able to read based onclsues of how i was acting or sumthing. Is this possible? is there a way that people can tap there minds to be clearer and more open to others? i want to be able to do this... Shed your opionin as an answer, the most intriguing answer will be my "best answer"

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    I think it's more intuitive ability than anything else. Especially since she obviously spends a lot of time with you. A very intuitive person might begin to pick up on little idiosyncrasies or habits that you have when you are thinking about a certain thing. Next time she tells you she is going to try and read your mind, maybe try and think something more abstract such as "I really like mushrooms." and do something totally random that you dont normally do with your hands and feet. (Say, if you rub your hands together, now try cracking your knuckles instead or something.) When it's over the phone, avoid making extra sound while you are waiting for her to guess what you are thinking. Your normal habits will be thrown off and I can almost guarantee she will be stumped!

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    I had this thing with my boyfriend where I would call him and he would say that he was just trying to call me. He said he dialed the number wrong each time and right when he was about to redial his phone would ring and it would be me calling. Now sometimes right when I'm thinking of him he calls a second later or when I'm talking about him. Yesterday morning I woke up after thinking about him and a second later the phone rang and it was him. I do believe peopel can read minds. I had experience with that too when I said to someone pick a number between 1 and 100 and got it exactly right. I used to try it and close my eyes and see green rings and the number echo in my head. Course that could have been my way of trying to imagine what they were thinking. I believe it and I think it's stronger with a connection between two people!

    Source(s): Took ESP tests for fun and usually came up as someone who can predict the future
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    I can do this, like your girlfriend says, sometimes. It;s always just been something I can do, never learned how to do it or anything, I've just always been able too. Like most of the things I'm able to do. Although I am better at the things that I do more often then others. I don't really like reading minds though, even if a person asks me too, because I guess I think of it as an invasion of privacy.

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    When it comes to reading the male mind, their face is like a super-huge plasma tv screen with hi-definition resolution tuned in to exactly the channel they're thinking about at the exact moment they're thinking about it. Your girlfriend doesn't need to read your mind - you have a face and you are male, that's all it takes. With the exception of a poker-playing "game face", men are simply incapable of masking their thoughts.


    That isn't to say, of course, that women are never fooled by men. Sometimes, if the face is pretty enough to look at, the emotive arrangement of its features fall irrevocably into the blind spot of a woman's (and some men's) perception.

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    You know, when you love a person too much you know every gesture, movement and thoughts they get, it happens to me a lot. For example I was with my bf and we were talking to this new guys we met, he asked for their number so that we could hang out someday later but when he was writing down the number I whispered on his ear the name of one of them and he looked at me, shocked, because he said how in hell could I know he didn't remember the name of this guy. It's just a matter of knowing the person too well, its not mind reading, it's being interested in every little thing you do and deciphering all your thoughts, but even you can keep something secret, really

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    I don't know, I suppose some people have those kind of special abilities. But 'I love you' seems kind of vague or obvious. If she said something like "I'd like some buffalo chicken, too" and was on target, then that would be more impressive to me.

    Though, I do believe that couples can have a sense for what their partner is thinking. But, I think that has more to do with getting to really know you - not psychic abilities.

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    Your girlfriend seems to be very intuitive which means she can sense what you are feeling and thinking. She has a very special gift and not every one has this. It is not something you can do just because you want to . You can train your mind to focus but you cannot have what your girlfriend has. She has ESP other wise known as Extra Sensory Perception Edith

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    Maybe she's a little psychic or (and more likely) she's picking up on your subtle body language. Either way, she is tuned into you and that is a huge compliment! I've been able to predict my husband's next move for years...truth is, I have no idea how I do it, but I do know that you're safe. She can't read EVERY thought!!

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    Very likely she is just a very observant person reading your 'body language' and facial expressions. If you will stop and think this through. If she really could read minds she would never let it be know because it would endanger her life. There are many unscrupulous people who would murder someone could truly read their mind. Nuff said!

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