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Who was the third member, along with Armstrong and Aldrin, of the first successful flight that landed on moon?

A) John Glenn

B) Archibald Cox

C) Michael Collins

D) John Mitchell

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    ~Aldrin and Armstrong were the only members of the flight that landed on the moon. There was a third member expedition who only orbited. The crew consisted of the folks at Houston, Kennedy and Canaveral who made it happen, and the thousands of others who made it possible. If you can't pick out the correct astronaut from your list of choices, you have a serious deficiency in elementary contemporary history, as each of the names should jump off the page at you for its own significance. Get off the computer and pick up a book and/or a newspaper.

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    Michael Collins.

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    C Michael Collins

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    Yet again, another question you either should have known or should have looked up yourself. You'll forget the answer tomorrow.

    Source(s): Our parents made us stay up to watch Neil Armstrong take that first step. More parents should do the same even today, when space travel seems to have become trite. Remember Columbia??
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