Why doesn't the government put more cell phone towers up in places that don't get good signal?

Hey they should hurry up with that instead of going to war with tax dollars. The cell phone signal where I live is terrible and the city is grow larger and faster than ever. =)


The corperations must get alittle money to put up towers

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    According to what I was taught when working as a customer assist advocate for a cell phone company. The government has nothing to do with the building of the cell towers. That is up to the company that is servicing your phone. You can help to get that tower built of the signal boosted in the area where the bad service is happening by simply call 611 on your phone and complaining about the situation. You service provider will send a technician to the area if they get enough calls about that area. If the technician find that the complaints are well founded then they will try to boost the signal from a nearby tower til a new tower can be built though that is not an easy task due to the fact that space has to be leased or purchased and then permits must be gotten before the new tower can be built.

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    Source(s): Get Free Government Phones - http://freecellphones.iukiy.com/?CMAw
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    Great job bashing Bush. I see that you cell phone matters more to you than anything. If you want better signals, you can sell some of your land to the phone company (NOT GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED) and you will get better service. Don't tell me that the government puts up cell towers. AT&T asked if they could put a cell tower near my property.

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    It is the responsibility of your cell phone company to provide towers for you ... the government doesn't do that.

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    Because the government doesn't own the cell phone towers, the corporations do. It is their decision whether or not to add more.

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    I wasn't aware that the government was responsible for cell phone towers...

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    there's a big debate in my town w/ this issue- everyone wants one, we have a contract for one, but there's one problem. NO ONE WANTS IT ANYWHERE NEAR THEIR HOUSE. Everyone's a big baby about it. Anyway, it's not the government's problem, but the cell company and the townspeople's problem.

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    If I was you I would remove this question.

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