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Is this unusual?

I caught a Bluegill today that must have been a pounder or so and on the underneath of it's mouth to the underneath of it's gills it was purple- a light purple sort of like the color "Lilac". What could be the cause of this?

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    If you're talking about the oxygen filtering part of the gill that is normally a bright red, it would sound like the water is a bit oxygen poor. Blood deficient in oxygen appears purplish.

    If you're talking about scales... that's easier. There are a BUNCH of hybrid bluegill being released left, right, and center... apparently because they grow bigger faster. I don't like it, personally because it downgrades the thrill of a big catch. But, it's all the rage now.

    These hybrids come in a range of colors and variations, but here's a link with something close to what you describe.


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    Maybe its environmental, but my best guess is that its a genetic mutation or natural selection.

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