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Skateboarding help!?

I really need help ok, so theres this guy who can already an 11 stair and has been skating for a year and hes like sponsered and everything and hes amazing but wut i dont understand is that ive been skating for like 2 and a half years and i suck the best i can do is kickflip,pop-shovit,and front shovit a 5 stair. Im only good at flip tricks but i cant to any tricks that have a 180 variation in them like i roll my bs flips im not even close to my fs flips i cant bigspin i cant even ride out of bs 180s! i land fakie then fall and scrape my hands! Is it because i dont bend down enough? i can do all those tricks fakie and even some switch. Does anyone now what i can do to land my 180 variation tricks?

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    The only way is to keep on practicing an find which technique an foot positioning works best for you. I've been skating for 4 years now an for some reason I find bs 180's very difficult but can bs heel relatively easy an consistent. I think there are some tricks that you are allways gonna struggle with, no matter how much you practice them. As for that guy (ye he may be able to ollie an 11 stair), but that is more having the guts than skill i think anyway. I would rather see a clean fs shuv down a 5 stair than an ollie an 11. Maybe try learning 180 tricks in fakie, it's much easier, espcially with 180 flip variations. Anyway, good luck an stick with it.

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    Have better balance and don't be afraid to be great.

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    just keep practicing and you will get great!

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