Metroid: Prime Hunters?

Fill me in on everything I need to know on this game. Looks pretty well-made from reviews and images, but is it? Tell me all about the Wi-Fi and download-play. Gameplay any good? Fun? Hard? Easy? Enjoyable? Brief? Multiple weapons?

Lots of questions, hoping for lots of answers! :)

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    1 decade ago
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    I thought the game was great. I took a little while to get used to the controls, but after that it was fun. Its based more on combat than exploration, contrary to other metroid games. The best part was that even though the actual game is really short, it still takes a while to play through. There are nine weapons to acquire during the game, including the missile launcher and power beam. The six elemental weapons can be hard to access quickly, which is a pain. The last weapon is the Alimbic Cannon, which can only be found in the final boss fight. There are actually two stage to the final fight. For the first stage, you are in a room, which Gorea. You have to hit symbols on walls in order to get to the second stage after you beat the first stage. I thought it was really cool how you could bypass the actual hard part of the game if you wanted to, but had to do it if you want the best weapon. The actual plot of the game is good. It takes place after Metroid Prime, and before Echoes. The Galactic Federation enlists Samus to go find the "Ultimate Power" which they hear about in a message. Samus goes, but so does six other bounty hunters that you have to fight repeatedly throughout the game. You collect octoliths after beating bosses. When you have eight, you can challenge Gorea. If you lose a fight with a bounty hunter, they steal one of your octoliths, you have to steal it back by beating them. I thought it was fun and worth my time. Wifi is awesome, as you can play as the other bounty hunters in the game. It is worth it to buy it.

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    Ok, first of:DON'T USE THE ACTION REPLAY!!.totaly messes up your game!2:the controls are tricky but memorizeable.3:WiFi is great, and theres a piont system: win and gain. lose and lose pionts.4:single player is moderate, while WiFi can be hard5:very fun played for 6 hours!!6: lots'o'wepons.7:back to wifi your ranked. 1-5 stars rank up with pionts.Have fun

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