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How do u make a homemade itching powder?

I have 2 older brothers i need to get back at them for all the things they did to me.


something around the house

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    get a sharp knife or scissors and buy as many cheap toothbrushes as you think you will need. cut off the bristles and make them as small as possible. store the bristles in a container until you are ready to use them.

    this works surprisingly well! lol

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    Homemade Itching Powder

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    How To Make Itching Powder

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    How do u make a homemade itching powder?

    I have 2 older brothers i need to get back at them for all the things they did to me.

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    Don't know how to make homemade itching powder, but here's a good one. We were going to sit outside on the deck one night, but we couldn't find any insect repellent. So my cousin's older brother set out some vanilla & told us to use that cuz it'd keep the mosquitos away. It did just the opposite - we got ate alive & had to run into the house & stay there the rest of the night.

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    There's a nice plant that has the worst itching seeds in the world. You just gotta live around that plant.

    The plant is a bush. usually flowers(white I believe). turns into reddish covered berry looking thing. They look smooth. But you can split them open. Inside, you'll find many seeds with hairs on them. You take a bunch of those seeds and throw them under your brothers' shirts and rub that **** in very well.

    WARNING will itch like a *****

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    not sure but try something else. i've gotten itching powder dumped on me before and had to go to the doctor!

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    What u gotta do.Is mix viniger with powder and water just put it in a ballon and u could throw it at the person.

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    pull out some strands of your hair and chop them up real fine then put them in beach for a little bit and then drain it, and the hair pieces will cause itchiness

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