What is a Gpa in H.S.?

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    grade Point Average

    Measures your grades such as the "A";s and the rest of the grades you have in the classes.first you add all of your grades up






    Say you have an A in science and another "A" in english but you have a "B" in gym and "B" in a Art class so you add them up 4+4=3+3=14 then divide by the number of classes you have which is 4 so 14 divided 4 is 3.5 so that is your GPA-3.5.

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    grade point average

    on a 4.0-point scale: A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0

    You add up the points then divide by the # of grades, that equals to your GPA


    Biology, B = 3.0

    Math, C = 2.0

    English, A = 4.0

    History, B = 3.0

    3.0 + 2.0 + 4.0 + 3.0 = 12.0 / 4 = 3.0

    This GPA is a 3.0, or a B

    there's also a 5.0-point scale for honors and AP classes.

    A=5 B=4, etc

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    It is the Grade Point Average. At most schools it is a number between 0 and 4 based on values given to different letter grades:

    A = 4

    B = 3

    C = 2

    D = 1

    F (or E) = 0

    Many schools offer more points for AP or honors courses:

    A = 5

    B = 4

    C = 3

    D = 2

    F (or E) = still is 0

    Because of this, student's GPAs may be above 4.0

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    Do you mean grade point average? It's the average of all of the points (A = 4, B = 3, etc) divided by the total credit "weight" (hours) of courses taken

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    Grade point average

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    grade point average

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    grade point average

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    grad point average.

    so all your final grades for classes.. added up and divided by how many classes you are taking.

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    grade point average!!!

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    grade point ave.

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