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I am currently on a low-fat diet in order to drop a few fat pounds (10lbs maybe 15lbs). I also life weights using a universal machine every morning. I only have about 30 mins a day to do this, so I have to fit as much as I can in a 30 minute window. I currently do 4 lifts every morning (rotating lifts every other day), and I do some ab work between reps. I was wondering if there is a supplement or vitamin that will help me bulk up and tone while only being able to workout 30 minutes a day 5 days a week? I have been trying this stuff called RGH (HGH Replacement Vitamin), but I was wondering if there is something else out there. I would like to be able to work outside my house with no shirt on and have a little muscle to show off (I have to rid the body of the fat first).

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    I've got the perfect answer for you. Last night on TV I saw a story on this professor who has discovered a formula for the most effective way to burn fat. The story is on this link:

    Basically the principle is to go flat out as intense as you can (of cardio) for 8 seconds, then keep exercising at a slow rate for 12 seconds, and keep cycling the 8 and 12 second paces for 20-30minutes. They said it's best to make a 30 minute music clip yourself where you play full on music for 8 secs then slower music for 12 so you know when to speed up and slow down. Good burning!

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    run everyday because it speeds up the metabolism which breaks down fat and can increase muscle growth good luck!

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