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I dont feel good about myself!?

I just dont feel good about my body Im a male and I want my skin to feel nice and soft and also my face I want it to be really soft and sexy I think I look ugly and just feel dirty I want to feel clan Like most woman So what ideas can you guys/girls here tell me about what I can do?

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    Don't change your look for anybody. You just have to work it have some confidence

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    Hey there :) Firstly ... no matter what you think, you're NOT ugly. The only way you could possibly be ugly is if you have an ugly personality or character. My advice? Keep your skin nice & clean ... If you have sensitive skin like me .. don't use soaps or creams or (in your case) strongly scented shaving creams on your face as it will only make things worse. Just wash with water, and gently exfoliate once a week. Going to a dermatologist can help too :) Wear a sexy cologne (irresistible! My favourites are Joop and Davidoff coolwater), keep fresh by showering and wearing clean clothes each day ... drink plenty of water to stay hydrated ... Maybe spoil yourself a bit .. go to the hairdressers to try out a new hairstyle .. or shop for some new clothes :) I could give you extra skin tips but I might wind up writing alot .. so I've kept it short for you :) Hope I've helped. Above all - keep that chin up :) Confidence is always sexy.

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    pro-active take showers constantly and shave wah hair clear face work out, and run a lot!

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