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new / old love??????????

I broke up with my bf Patrick in April. Ever since then he has been telling me he still loves me. I am constantly thinking of him. What do I do???

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    If you're constantly thinking about him, then maybe the two of should seriously talk about getting back together.

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    go back with him=]

    he realized he still had feelings for you and is stupid...

    then again i don't know why you guys broke up!!!

    but you should take the chance...

    the same thing happened to me and now we are so in love and i hope the same happens with you best of luck=]

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    my soon to b ex wife tells me that she loves me although she has left me 40 or 50 times thru out our marriage i saw her and him together jun 3rd he was driving her car that was the last straw for me i gave up on us completely

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    i would say find some1 else you obviously broke up 4 a reason

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you need to think why did you break up with him and consider that, if you think you can get back with him and have a frest start then give him another chance, if he was a jerk then dont get back with him

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    ask him if he wants 2 get back together cuz it sounds like you're not over him yet

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