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Do I really have to wait A YEAR for dental coverage?

I just finished 90 days at Walgreen's & doing my benefits, they said I have to wait A YEAR to be employed for dental coverage. (my medical is already done & I have a card) Is this legal because this is BULLSH*T!!!


I have worked for Aetna, Pitney Bowes, & now Walgreen's. And I have had to wait only 90 days. This is the first time It has to be a YEAR!

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    I you do, it is just the way that your company works. I got dental, medical, vision, vacation all on day 1 of employment with my company. They suck!

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    It may be BULLSH*T right now, but when you start using it you will be glad you have it. I went for years without dental coverage for myself and my family. I finally have it now through my employer, and while it covers only $1100.00 per year per person, it sure as hell is better than nothing! I understand your frustration, but remember, many retail stores don't offer any medical benefits.....period.

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    yes, and be prepared that once your dental insurance kicks in that it may take another 2 years for them to cover major work.

    They may cover two cleanings per year and one set of x-rays, but trust me, this will not cover all of your costs.

    In all honesty, dental insurance is crap. You are better off putting money into an account, so that if you need dental work, you will have some saved.

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    Oh yeah, Dental Covrage takes A LOT of work to do all the paper work.

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