Sex 2 days before period... hasn't come yet...?

So I'm getting scared. I had sex two days before my period and the condom broke. :( I was due yesterday and I haven't had any signs of my period starting. No spotting, just little mini cramps now and then as well as being moody. My cycle usually runs 28-32 days, but not shorter than that. I last had my period on May 27th and it ended really quickly, within 4 or 5 days. Usually I deal with it for the full 7 days. I had ovulation pains about two weeks ago(I've come to recognize what those feel like). I didn't sleep friday night at all and I've been a nervous wreck all weekend. I'm praying for my period to start at this point, but my nerves could be keeping it from starting. I'm 20 and really do not want a baby.

If I do not get it by Wednesday, I plan to see a doctor.

Any tips to relax and calm down just a bit?

I know I should go buy a EPT, but it's only been three days since I had intercourse, is that too soon to detect anything?

Input and advice is welcomed. =\


There was some blood on his sheets Friday night after and on me as well. I've had no spotting since and now I'm getting a clear or cloudy discharge.

Still getting a few mini cramps and I'm trying to settle down. I told a close friend and that seems to have helped calm me down a little.

I'm praying so hard that I'm not pregnant...

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    It's possible that you are pregnant, but not probabal. Your peak time for pregnancy success is mid-ovulation. There could be other reasons that your cycle has been delayed. Worry and stress play a major role in some cases. Try not to borrow trouble. Don't worry about it until there is something to worry about. If you haven't gotten your period in a week or two, then I'd say spend the money on a home test.

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    You need to not stress and maybe just do some relaxing things because stress can cause you to be late or even skip a month. The egg only lives for 24 hours so the likelihood that you would be pregnant is very slim. Another thing is that if you didnt really ovulate this month then you might skip a month. You might try taking a nice hot bath with some wine or something you like and listen to whatever calms you. Good luck!

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    I think it's because you are worrying so much that you might be pregnant. That's what is causing your period to be delay. I wouldn't worry about it. 1 DAy late isn't bad. Wait if you're 2 weeks late then take a test. Don't spend money on a test now. It wouldn't be worth it.

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    Please try not to worry...just go get a HPT...with the technology these days you can test as soon as the first day of your missed period!! Set your mind at ease..or at least you'll know your answer...

    Good Luck

    Momma P

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    buy a preg. test just to make sure 1st...even though its only been a short amount of days... you should see a doctor for the most part though...

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