Do older cars (Honda civic) usually needs more of a maintenance check?

I have a 97 honda civic and its about 170K miles, about 6 months ago i just had a maintenace check and i always get my oil change every 3 months/3000miles. Now my maintenace light on my car is back on again, is this normal for older cars like mine or should i go and get it check out again? The only thing that i can think is wrong with my car is that i just need new tires and that's about it, but on my last car maintenance, they told me i didn't have to make a big deal about the tires b/c its not a "need" to change them yet. any suggestion anyone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Bart is absolutely correct. Maintenance is ALWAYS cheaper than repair.

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    1 decade ago

    The maintenance light is simply a timer, to remind you to get it serviced. The shop resets it after every service. As far as frequency, the fluid change intervals are always fixed, unless something breaks. There are other standard things not mentioned in most owner's manuals. Such as, flushing brake lines every 60k, replacing all hoses and belts every 4 years regardless of mileage, that type thing. I do all the major fluid changes every 30k, including trans and brake system, and belts and hoses every 60k. And I never break down from a maintenance related issue. But, again, I do all this myself, so it's not a big expense execpt for a few parts and fluids.

    If you have a mechanic you trust, ask him his opinion on my comments. I feel that the more preventative maintenance done, the less chance of being on the side of the road broken down. I will add that I am a LOT more fervent about this stuff with my wife's suv, than my own ride!!

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    People Might Think That But the answer is NO... Usually newer cars need more maintenance.

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