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Fax Machine help?

Hi, I just purchased a brand new BROTHER Int. 1270e Fax machine, and the cartridge did not last very long. If you were to replace with a factory cartridge, it has 450 pages capacity of printing. If you bought it brand new, is it normal for the cartridge to run out so fast in the first brand new boxed item came with the machine?

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    yes 'cos the manufacturers only put a small cartridge in to save money and expect you to pay for replacement ones at a far higher price

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    Yes. The cartridge included with the machine are known as "starter cartridges". They have typically 1/2 to 1/3 of the normal capacity. That's why store clerks almost always recommend you buy a set of cartridges with your new printer/fax even if there's one set in the box.

    HP is the least cheating, from what I can recall. They give a "regular capacity" cartridge though the replenishment type is called a "high capacity" cartridge, at least on the models I use. :)

    I'd suggest getting some refill kits. I don't believe Brother carts have chips or such and should be easily refillable.

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    The answer to that is yes. Printers and Faxes are low in cost because the money is being made on replacement parts. It is a marketing stategy. You only but the machine once but the supplies are purchased until the unit fails

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