Can you truly trust another human being?

Even my best friends and family have turned against me for religious differences, leaving me with no support and loads of depression. Do we only treat people as friends when we get something in return?

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    1 decade ago
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    honestly, i think that you can never fully trust another human being. it might seem like it but it's not possible...

    sad but true! "/

  • John R
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    1 decade ago

    Trust is hard to build and easy to break. That's OK, though - you can have friends with all sorts of levels of trust. You don't have to do a swan-dive into intimacy with anyone; male or female - just talk and share opinions gradually. Good friendship can stand a lot of differences as long as they aren't the primary topic of conversation. And since religion and politics are about the most divisive topics there are, perhaps going easy on discussing these areas, no matter how strongly you feel about them, would be wise.

  • 1 decade ago

    DTA which means don't trust anyone. It is a common adage in the world of espionage and it also applies to the real world. Recently, I met someone absolutely obnoxious again, after 3 years. This person told me that someone we knew was connected to La Cosa Nostra citing all kinds of incidents and evidence. The very next day, this same person denied ever telling me such a thing. A complete reversal in less than 24 hours. Can you trust someone like that? The answer is obvious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think you can ever trust someone 100%. Simply because humans aren't static. We change. Our emotions, our opinions, our beliefs fluctuate all the time. So just like those things, their loyalty can change as well.

    Just try to place positive people in your life by being positive yourself. Sometimes it's extremely hard, but don't give up. One person can be more than enough.

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