What are some kid-friendly activities in Memphis?

Our daughter is 7-1/2. We are going to the Peabody to see the duck walk, but one can only spend so much time watching the ducks!lol!

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    I love Memphis! There is a ton of stuff to do there for all ages. How old are the kids? It really depends on their age but here are some ideas:

    If your kids like music you might want to take them to Sun Studios, yes this is where Elvis recorded but, besides that it is a real recording studio. For some of the older kids they are amazed at what it looks like, the tour is cheap is about 30-45min long. Yes the old time recording electronics are still there, but not much has changed and they are always amazed by how the recording to a CD thing works.


    Go to a baseball game! The Memphis Redbirds are there AAA to the St. Louis Cardinals and they are great. The park is very family friendly with other activities for the kids. Tickets are very cheap, food and drink is cheap and the kids have a great time here. The park is geared towards families, there is something for everyone and hey the players are good and the ball is just like watching the pros!


    The Children’s Museum of Memphis is always fun. They have a ton of hands on stuff; kids can be kids here and learn something. They can climb through a human heart and sit in the cockpit of a plane. We always have a good time when we go here. There is a ton to do and they always have some special thing going on. You can get a coupon for discount tickets from the Memphis visitor’s website.


    They do have an IMAX theater which is always fun. The movies usually last about an hour and they have all different times and shows check out the website for more. I have only been here once it was a good time, again depends how old the kids are:


    If you have boys and they are into Firefighters then the Figherfights Museum is for them! They teach fire safety, they have hands on stuff. This place is very kids friendly and they have a ton of different equipment for the kids to see. We had a good time here and it is very cheap, again you can get a coupon from the visitor’s center.


    Okay if you have a car and are willing to drive an hour then the Casey Jones Village is for you. It is like stepping back into time, like you walked into the Wild West or something. They have some shopping and stuff but they have a train and the kids loved it! We had dinner there, they have a ton of restaurants and the kids had a great time. Plus they fell asleep on the way home!


    The Memphis Zoo is great for kids of all ages. It is a really nice park, with a ton of stuff to see. Again you can get a coupon at the visitor’s center/website. You can spend a couple hours here, very nice set up and very easy to walk. They also have some hands on stuff which is great for the kids:


    If your kids like boats take them on a river cruise. They do have dinner cruises which have live music, we found out that this was not too thrilling for the kids however they have a 90min cruise that you can buy snacks on and the kids loved it. Again depends on what age they are! The views are great, they give you info about the places you are seeing and it is just short enough to keep the kids attention. However if the kids are older they might enjoy the dinner cruise, they are really nice and the city at night is so pretty, the food is great and the music is always good.


    Take a trolley! Yes they have trolleys in Memphis, so it is not a cable car but it is still way cool! Important have the correct change they do not make change for you or anyone else. You get to see a lot of good sites, it stops at great places and the kids get the thrill of riding a trolley. Well worth your time, and you don’t have to drive! Be sure to check out their rates and times:


    Even if you do not stay there go see the Peabody ducks! Kids love this. They parade down in the morning and hop into the fountain. You can touch and watch them swim. Kids and adults get a kick out of this! It only takes a few moments and if you go to the baseball game it is right there. The Peabody is beautiful and has some good shops, the lobby is amazing. The kids however love the ducks. At night their trainer comes down and they parade right onto the elevator up to their room it really is a site to see!


    If you have a never ridden on a “Duck” this is a great time. These things were build for land or water, the kids find them real cool. They take you all over and give you a great tour. It can get expensive but, again the visitor’s center has coupons. It all depends on the age of your kids but, how cool is it to ride on a “bus” that turns into a “boat”.


    There is the Tunica Riverpark and it has nothing to do with the Casino. It is a museum dedicated to life on the river and the history of it. There are plenty of things to touch and there is a tour. I recommend this one for the older kids:


    If your family likes the outdoors go to the Lichterman Nature Center. There is a ton of things to do and see there and they have some short yet very interesting trails good for all ages. They also have a greenhouse and a wonderful nature center. We had a good time here and it is cheap!!!! They always have some type of event check out their website:


    If you want something to do at night with the kids I would suggest Mini Golf, GO Carts or Laser Tag deepening on their age. Here is a place that has some good golf:


    They also have bumper boats, game room, batting cages and more. Good way to spend an evening.

    Here is the Memphis Visitors website:


    Go there, they have tons of online coupons and you can request your FREE visitor’s packet that has information, maps and COUPONS for everything. Saves you a ton of cash! I contact them for every city I go to! You can also email them questions and they will help you out. Think of them as a free travel agent.

    I would not suggest Graceland, don’t get me wrong it is very cool for adults and I love going there however the kids get bored and real fast. I found that they like the planes and the cars but the rest of it not so much. It is expensive to take a family, if this is something you all enjoy then go, if it something the adults like, don’t take the kids!

    Hope this helps have a great trip!

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    Surfjax is right! My kids love the children's museum and the Pink Palace Museum!

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