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How can I learn to put my camcorder films on DVDs?

I have memories on the little cassets from my Panasonic camcorder but they can't be shared with my family because I don't know how to turn them into DVDs and I do have a computer with DVD writer/CD writer, just don't know how to use it. Is all I need in my computer or do I have to buy more software?

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    I would recomend the product listed below. First plug the unit into the computer. Next connect the video out from the camcorder to the video in on the unit. Next enter your options ( do you want a menu, how long to record for, etc.) Finally press record on the computer and play on the camera and wait for it to finish and click done. After that it will start burning the DVD.

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    I have transferred umpteen tapes to Cd's and DVDs on my computer. I used a program put out by Pinnacle, Just make sure the one you buy is for "Analog". The program I have is Pinnacle Studio Version 8. It was a very good program once I got the hang of it, You have to transfer the tape to your HD and then you can edit it and then move it to a disk. The program came with a [ can't think of the name of it] but fits into one of your slots to convert the signal to the computer, ask the smart guys at Best Buy. Your camcorder or VHS player can be used.

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    Depending on the features available in your camcorder model, here are a few things that you can do to achieve your objective:

    1 -- If you have firewire port in your camcorder, get a firewire card installed in your PC and then using the s/w provided with the camcorder, transfer the video onto the pc.

    2 -- If your camcorder supports USB streaming, then you can you the USB port on your PC to get the video transfered onto your PC.

    3 -- If your PC has a TV tuner card, give the digital o/p of your camcorder to this tuner card and then get the video transfered onto your PC

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    you're able to desire a firewire cable aka iLink and IEEE1394, to circulate the pictures on your laptop and burn onto a DVD utilising a DVD burner. i don't be attentive to which utility you will want for a living house windows based laptop, i take advantage of a Mac that has all the utility (iLife) i want for such applications. As for the VHS, in case your DV camcorder helps analog to digital bypass by way of, then all you're able to do is connect the VCR participant to the camcorder and the camcorder to the laptop to digitize them. or you're able to desire a digital converter or a VHS/DVD copier/participant.

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    You can get a freestanding DVD burner of the kind that is supposed to hook to your TV and plug your camcorder into it and burn them directly. Average cost is about 150 bucks. Just make sure the one you buy accepts the type plug you have on your camcorder.

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    You will find a read of this article very useful and informative :-

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