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Why do people think liking a cousin is more gross than liking someone of the same gender?

It's so gross that people would like someone of their gender. It's totally wrong too. I don't get it. Why are people ok with that and people are not ok with cousins liking each other?


Yeah I know not everyone is okay with same gender dating, but more people seem to be than cousin dating. I don't get how people don't find same gender dating more gross. So what if your cousin is family at least it'd be someone of the opposite gender.

Update 2:

Thanks Emily C. Finally someone that understands.

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    I really don't know why people are more okay with homosexuals than with cousins liking each other. I think its much more normal for a cousin to like a cousin of theirs instead of liking the same gender. I get so disgusted when i see a pair of gays or lesbians together (actually, to tell you the truth I've only seen gays not lesbians, so far :] ). They can call me a homophobic person, I could care less because not only is it disgusting to like the same gender but its also very wrong, its against all religions but I guess athiests think its okay to be gay. I agree with you, rock on!

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    be very careful here... first of all, you are cousins... and if that's not self explannitory then you will get 'funny looks', but if you don't care about that then it doesn't hurt to see where things go. I'd imagine you 2 talk a lot? if so... then it really doesn't harm much talking MORE... if not then talk. but, the whole alcohol scene is not a good idea in this situation, you could end up destroying your friendship too, plus any chance of anything more. but you should definately explore especially at 13.

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    I am an Indian and am seeing my cousin for a year. My family as well as his is enthusiastic about it!.. Indian cousins intermarry alot... so not all people are against this sort of thing.

    hmm.. i read a module on human sexuality last sem, and am convinced that homosexuals have the basic human right to their variant sexual preference. It really is not wrong as long as it is mutually-consensual.

    But still alot of people in the U.S. are homophobic. I believe that needs to change.

    I believe in this mantra: Live and let live :)

    Did u watch Brokeback Mountain? The movie rocks.

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    Because it's at least not in the family!

    Liking someone of the same gender is nothing to pick on, but being related is.... kind of gross.

    Besides, who are you to assume that people are okay with homosexuality?

    Because they're NOT!

    How would I know?

    Take a wild guess.


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    Because it might lead to inbreeding. Incest is taboo in many cultures because it's bad for the gene pool.

    And by the way, not everyone is ok with homosexuality. It may kill off some of the participants from AIDS but at least it never polluted the gene pool!

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