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What can the Cubs do to finally get to the World Series?

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    well for starters they can pla like they played against the sox! then they need to practice and work on getting more offense from the big guns. plus, alfonso has to play like he did against the sox. 3 hrs baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    biggest CUBBIES FAN EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Brendan, did it occur to you that perhaps the player they traded to avoid getting into fights was perhaps the guy who now plays for the Padres M,ichael Barret? I'm not saying that he'll start fights with the Padres, but there's a reason why the Cubs traded away a good player.

    That being said, what can the Cubs do to make the World series? Simple, make the playoffs, and win like you are going to go home otherwise.

    You have a 162 game schedule, and no matter where you stand throughout the coarse of the season, the objective never changes, win the next game on your schedule so that you can go to the post-season and do more of the same. It's only the circumstances and situations around an organization that change.

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    Wait for 2009. Give the curse a full 100 years. LOL! The Red Sox and White Sox were quitters. They couldn't make the full 100 years.

    And after that, they need to continue the path they've started. Build depth in the minors and not trade away all of the prospects for a half of a year with a relief specialist. Soriano was a good start. Re-signing Zambrano will be a huge step. They have a number of good players coming up, Eric Patterson, Samarzaja, Tyler Colvin. Fundamentals is key though. Without those, no wins, no World Series.

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    The are in the right division to make a move this year. The Brewers can be reeled in and I believe the Cubs have a shot this year. The offense is there and they need one more good starting pitcher. If they can pull to within 5 or 6 games shortly after the all-star break I think you could see them make a move for more pitching.

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  • Anonymous
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    the funny thing is that i am a yankee fan and i honestly know how to fix the cubs

    im not one of those arrogant yankee fans who always splashes the old 26 world championships broo haha

    im a true baseball fan and i know that in order for baseball to reach its maximum potential...the cubs need to be in it.

    here are my ways to fix the cubs.

    1. keep sweet lou- he's a top 5 manager

    2. they need to re-sign carlos zambrano in the off season

    3. sign ichiro- he'll drive the national league nuts with his speed and contact.

    4. sign joe nathan- he's a top 5 closer- he's also 33 so he has about 3 good years left.

    5. i know he's struggling but rich theriot is an absolute grinder. keep him in second.

    6. trade alfonso soriano to the astros for roy oswald- the astros are dying to get rid of him and they need a bat- god knows they need a bat.

    7.sign benji molina in off season- a great defensive catcher. the best arm in baseball for a catcher.

    8. sign david eckstien to a 2 year contract.

    so if i was the cubs gm, the 2008 line up would look like this:

    C - benji molina

    1b - dereck lee

    2b - ryan theriot

    3b - Aramis Ramirez

    ss - David eckstein

    Lf - Cliff floyd

    Cf - Jaque Jones

    Rf - Ichiro Suzuki

    batting order

    1. ichiro

    2. jaque jones

    3. dereck lee

    4. aramis ramirez

    5. cliff floyd

    6. benji molina

    7. david eckstein

    8. ryan theriot

    9, pitcher


    carlos zambrano

    roy oswald

    rich hill

    ted lilly

    jason marquee

    closer: joe nathan

    cubs will go at LEAST to the national league championship series with that tea,.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Fire Piniella, stop spending money on health-problematic pitchers like Prior & Wood, start organizing a better farm system, move Soriano down the order so alll the homers that he hits aren't solos, improve team chemistry (trading Barrett was a start), and improve the bottom of their order, so it's a lineup made out of eight decent hitters not Soriano, Lee, and Ramirez.

    But I like the Cubs so I'm rooting for them all the way, baby!

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    Play with a "team" mentality instead of a "me" mentality for one. I would look for a better closer than Ryan Dumpster, and trade Kerry Wood, Prior and Zambrano (too expensive and will not be a 20 game winner any time soon). One of the big mistakes national league managers do is not make their pitchers take batting practice. every team should have 9 solid hitters, not 3-4 and a few maybes.

  • Fire Lou Pinella. I hated him when he was with Tampa. He also never gave guys like Jonny Gomes a chance. As soon as he slumped he sent him down even though he is one of the best utility OFers on the team. Pinella is a moron living in the paste. His old ways don't work in 2007. Look at the Cubbies. The Cubs front office isn't too bright anyways. Look at the last two Skippers they have hired. Baker (decent), but Pinella (downright awful). Plus he has a waaaaaaaaay better lineup than Baker did.

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    Get Kerry Wood and Mark Prior healthy for a full season back at 100%. Odds of that are about as good as me winning the lottery and both of my arms tuning into giant pickles.

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    Just keep playing the game. I think that beating the White Sox boosted there confidence and they will win it this year!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sneak their uniforms into the Red Sox locker room

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