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Why can't we be taken seriously?

Well, it's summer and high-school's out! And if you've ever read of my previous questions... well, let's just say I have a lot of "trouble" with my best friend who is a guy.

Anyways, me and his other best friend have both realized that we get treated the same way. We get called names by him and get hit by him (all of which are "jokes") and quite honestly we're fed up with it. It's becoming emotionally and both physically unbearable. Whenever I bring it up he thinks its a joke that I want him to stop... and when we both try to tell him about it he thinks we're joking and want to "double team" him.

What should I do? I mean I really love this guy (as a really good friend) but I can't take it anymore!

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    You're in H.S. and you need to express yourselves.

    Have another talk with him, cordially and with firmness. Explain your position and feelings to him. Tell him you would like him to change his behavior towards you if he wants to continue hanging out with you. He may think you're joking, reiterate you're not joking, and part ways.

    Spend some time away from him for a few days or weeks and see if he comes back a changed person. If he hasn't, it's time to cut the cord and find a new friend. Harsh, but, some folks need a "kick in the butt" to get it.

    It's awkward, but in this case, you need to do it. After H.S., the confrontations will be worse; meaner people, bigger people, pride and livelihoods on the line, etc. Do it now and the experience will enrich you.

    Good Luck!

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  • Let him go. If he can't take it seriously, then he's not worth keeping. If you end it, look him in the eyes and tell him you're being serious and not kidding around. If he's making you feel bad then that's not right because he is your friend. All the best to you.

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    I once had a friend and all she did was joke around, rudely and hurtfully, with me. When I told her to stop she just laughed and pretended I said nothing. So I left for a week to just be by myself and calm down. I felt better and reenergized to go back in again. Then she made mean jokes about me going away for the week. Truthfully, it was to calm myself down and to take a break from the hurt. She said it was because I was so 'emotional' and laughed at me because of it. Then she said she was joking.

    I just said enough and broke it off.

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    You need to sit down with him and his family and as many frinds as possible who feel the same way and talk to him. Tell him that you are being serious and you want him to stop treating people like that. I am sure that he will understand.

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    Well, you can't lay it down nicely, so take force. Tell his parents. He doesn't diserve you as is freind.

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    Tell him to stop? Is it honestly that hard? Are you too stupid to figure that on your own? Jesus...

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    "ditch" him...sorry but he's not a good frfiend, sounds like his other friend is more of your type of friend

    GOOD LUCK :)

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