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I have a problem opening my iTunes, it does not want to open because it has an audio configuration problem?

Can someone please help me I do not even know what that means...................... and I've tried to fix it...........................

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    This happened to me when I installed the update.

    Go to iTunes website and go to FAQ.

    You will find that they will advise that you reinstall Itunes without the Quicktime component or the other way around.

    this will fix it and you will not lose your playlists.

    iTunes is trying to use the Quicktime Sound configuration and is not liking it. Doing this will make iTunes use it's own sound configuration.

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    uninstall any version of Itunes, and then reinstall it. if that doesnt help, then you have to reset your audio properties, and that means uninstalling your audio drivers and reinstalling them.

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