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is it normal?

sometimes, i duck tape my little stomach down to look good in an outfit. i'm not fat. but its something that bugs me. is this normal? what would you say?

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    From personal experience with weight issues, I can tell you that there is nothing weird about wanting to look nice and trim in a good looking outfit. What I have come to realize is fitness has not only helped me cut down on my weight, it also releases endorphins in your brain which trigger the happy feeling in your brain. I would encourage you to find an activity that you find enjoyable in order to loose some pounds. You might like: swimming, belly dance, pilates, or something else. Good Luck.

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    i'm not going to say its normal or abnormal but if you aren't fat hunny, there is no reason to do it. If you've got a little extra pudge i understand that sometimes it makes you lose some confidence in certain outfits but don't worry about it... I'd say that as long as you don't do it ALL the time and don't obsess about it, it isn't so much of a bad thing.

    i'm sorry if i didn't help much.

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    I'm not going to say normal... but it's definitely not something I would be shocked to hear about..... for me normal would be something most of the populous is doing... and I doubt most of us are using tape to flatten out our stomachs. But I would not go so far as to say you are not normal... perhaps just a little more conscious than others.

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    Use Superglue you would only have to do it once and it would last for

    All normal women have some fat around the stomach it is normal and it usually get bigger during menstruation.

    Only women who starve themselves don't have a little paunch.


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    It is a creative way to deal with something that bugs you. As long as you don't turn to destructive or obsessive actions (bulemia, anorexia) to counteract it, you should be fine. Try not to let it bother you that much, we all have hangups about parts of our body.

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    Everyone has things about themselves that they would love to change. But.... Please don't do that to yourself. If your belly bothers you try to do something about it like set-ups or just walk for a hour a day. If you have a little pooch no one really notices it anyway. Be proud of your body!

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    i've never heard of anyone else doing that. i can't even see how that would work unless you wrap the tape completely around your body.

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    well, I just bought a body former to go underneath tight jeans and it makes them fit nicer, so it's normal

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    lmaO! FUNNY! because i do that too i am only 145lbs and i am 5'5 but i do sometimes need that extra fatness and it is normal we are fashionally challenged thats all

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    Try a foundation garment. There are re-useable & don't stick to your skin.

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