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8d - C- 7c - 2d simplify?

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    I think you mean,

    8d - c - 7c - 2d

    in which case you would combine the common terms, meaning, parts (or terms) with the same letter. So, think of it like apples and oranges. If we rewrite it as:

    8d - 1c - 7c - 2d

    then combine the c's and d's (combine apples with apples and oranges with oranges).

    8 d's minus 2 d's equals 6 d's, so 8d - 2d = 6d. For the c's,

    negative 1 c minus 7 c (think of the number line...from zero go to the left 1, then go to the left 7 more) this equals negative 8 c. So, -1c - 7c = -8c. Putting it all together, you get:

    8d - 1c - 7c - 2d = -8c + 6d

    Hope this helps.

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