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OMFG is this true?

hey everybody i was planing to take a 10 day hiatus while im in the Bahamas but no Chris Benoit is dead NOOOO he was one of my favorate wrestlers and he had a whole carrer in front of him now hes dead. GOD DOSENT VINCE FEEL BAD NOW THAT ONE OF HIS BEST WRESTLERS died

oops i turned the caps on

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    Its very sad the bodies were discovered in their home. Sadly Mr. Vince announced Chris Benoit and his wife and child were found dead and it is under investigation.

    (may their beautiful souls rest in the Heavens)

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    You know the Hardest part about this is that none of the local and Internet news archives have said anything about this. Not even WTBS or CNN, whose home is in Atlanta, reported this yet. If someone in Atlanta, especially a celebrity like Chris Benoit, it would be plastered on the news network. Especially if it involved his entire family. And if the police is investigating the deaths of Him, his wife, and son...that would be a very serious national headlined story. But nothing is up right now except what is on To me, this is just another WWE storyline

  • Vince and the Mcmahon Family should be fired.

    Beniot R.I.P

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    This is true

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