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Help, please??

Well, I need to download some songs. And I don't know where to find them. I mean, I can find them but I can't find them free. Do you know where I could find them 100% free?

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    you can use illeagle programs like limewire frostwire and mp3 rocket they have no spyware in them just only download music and audio files on them beacuse the programs are viruses and most of the videos are adult videos so unless you know what ur doing only download audio from these programs ps its ileagle dont download programs like kazza or bearshare or morphius those all have spyware and already got busted

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  • 1 decade ago, download Limewire, remember its illegal to download songs "for free", but back in the day my son used Limewire to get songs, especially hard to find ones.

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    Illegally? Limewire.

    Legally? Steal a friends cd.

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    Nothing is free.

    Bearshare or Limewire is what you want though.

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    To download music is considered illegal. But you might be able to get somewhere with

    Watch for virus'

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    might as well rob the cd store! THEIF!

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