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Should I get my daughter a Wii even though she didn't get the "A" in English we agreed on?

Note: I am asking on my son's profile.

At the end of the 3rd Quarter my daughter got a C+ in English. As a father, I wasn't too happy about this. But I was understanding, as it was still her first year of High School, and she went to a academically tough Catholic School. We talked about it (and I remember she wanted a Nintendo Wii). So I made a deal with her, get an A- or higher for English for the 4th quarter, and I'd buy her a Wii. So for the last quarter, she studied so hard. She re-read stories and books. She would even stay in her school uniform because she didn't want to waste "studying time." I'd even see her in her school uniform on Friday Nights reading a book for an upcoming test. She would even put time for studying on Saturdays and Sundays. After all this, she only got a B+. She was so sad, but her teacher told us she put the most effort out of anyone. And when I look at it a B+ at a Catholic School (91.7%) is an A- at a public school. So what should I do? Do you think I should get it for her? I think she deserves it, but would breaking the deal make me a bad father?

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    don't get it for her. she didn't live up to the bargain.

    DO get it for her because she's your daughter & as her dad, you're proud of her efforts to study hard & get good grades. Don't be afraid though to take the Wii away if her grades slip cause she's spending more time with Mario than with Chaucer.

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    Well, first, why you are comparing catholic school to public, I don't know. Actually, when I was in school, I transferred from a catholic school to a public, and had to be tutored b/c catholic was actually behind. Anyway. What kind of signals would you be sending your daughter if you bought her the game when she didn't live up to her part of the bargain? Even if she did try REALLY hard, she still didn't make it. You need to follow through on your part. No A+, no wii. You need to be her father, and not her friend, or worry if she'll be mad at you. Also, you give in now, you'll keep giving in. What happens when she's an adult? Will she expect to get things "because she tried real hard"? I know I sound mean, but people need to remember what they do w/ their kids now, will follow them into adulthood. She won't get that raise as an adult telling her boss, "but I tried".

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    From the sounds of it, your daughter worked exceedingly hard and put a lot of effort into her academic studies. I applaud you for realizing that she is making a transition from middle school to high school and that she is also attending an academically challenging high school where the grade scores are different. If her teacher acknowledged all of her hard work then you should do the same. I know that the original bargain was for A - or better. At this time making a concession would be better than telling her no dice/sorry all of your hard work was for nothing. Reward her and encourage her to try her best whether there is a reward in the picture or not.

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    Let her have it...91.7% is damn good (if that is a B+ then that school is too tough...I'm guessing an A- is like 95% which is damn near impossible to get all the that school trying to change human genetics and remove the fact that no-one is perfect?)

    It obviously sounds like she worked her butt off to try and get that A- and a B+ is so close. Make a midway point, let her have it but only let her play it on weekends for now. That way you have at lease kept to the rules of the deal to some degree and she isnt totalt depressed about not getting a good enough mark despite how hard she tried.

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    Tuff one - I go thru this one every semester. Unfortunately, you have to hold your grounds - i let it slide once, and the situation got out of control.

    What did work for me at the end is the following scenario - when the effort was put in but the results were not as wgreed, i downgraded the reward! So in your case it would be Nintendo Cube or whatever is considered to be "almost WII" in this situation...

    But then again, it is easy to give an advice...

    Good Luck!

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    i see where your coming from on sympathizing for her because of the hard work she put into studying but she didn't get an A- in her grade for English at the school she was i would get her a gift that's just not a wii though a gift that shows that you appreciate her efforts on trying to get an A

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    WOW she did very well i think you should get her a wii if she still got an A- according to public schools and you wouldnt be a bad father because you want to make your daughter happy your a cool dad

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    I would say to buy it for her, but limit her time on it. Also, tell her that if her grades slip, it gets taken away. To me, the bargain wasn't to get an A-, but to work hard to improve her grade. Since she nearly was there (for us I think she was only a point or so off) she deserves at least some kind of reward for giving up so much of her time to try to make her Daddy proud. I would also make it clear to her that she didn't get the Wii because of the bargain, but because she worked hard to try to get her grades up and that is her reward.

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    Don't give her the wii...give her half the cost of the wii because she only made it half way. You won't make her mad...but she will realize that all of the effort did pay off, but not as much as if she did get the A. It's only fair.

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    it is a tough school

    i go to the 16 best school in the nation and best in georgia and it is pretty hard even when you try and i know how it fells

    and a 91 is an A- to most schools plus she applied herself to stride for her needs to her fullest you dont have to ask anybody if she should get one if you fell as a father if you believed that she tried and really tried for that A- she should get it

    but just think at a regular school it would be an A-

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