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Cave woman help me?

How can I change my avatar to another image for my yahoo answers proile image. Like another pix of something else....

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    Go to your 360 page at , and upload a .jpg picture, mark it as primary, then go to "My Profile" / "Edit My Info" in Answers. and select the picture.

    You can also create an avatar at =

    At ,

    Go to "My Profile" "Edit My Info" in Answers and select the avatar.

    Click on My Profile/My 360 Profile/My Page/Edit Personal Photos/Browse/

    select the photo from a folder in your hard drive and click on it/Save/Edit Personal Photos/Set as primary/Save

    Also you can open an Instant Message box with anyone, then go to the top and click on VIEW then click on MY DISPLAY/ IMAGE OPTIONS, then click on CHOOSE A PICTURE. It will then permit you to choose from the pictures on your computer. If you have none on your hard drive, it offers an avitar icon you can use. You can use the same steps when you want to change the picture. Just the last step would be change my picture.

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