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I want to buy 2 tickets from Bangkok to Las Vegas, NV. I want both passengers on the same flight. However, one of them is one way, the other is round trip. How do I enter that into the search engines? or how do I go about this? Please help. Thanks

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    I would think you would have to do two separate purchases, one for the round-trip ticket and one for the one-way ticket. On most internet airline ticket purchases, the credit card holder must be one of the passengers, so that might cause problems if you plan on using one credit card for both purchases. Another way might be to search for fares on the internet and then make your purchase by phone, it might cost a little bit more, but may be an easier way to complete the transaction. Also, if you are here in Bangkok, the classified section of The Bangkok Post has a very good travel section, especially on Wednesdays, you could look there and then go to one of the travel agents listed there and make the purchase.

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    Try purchasing two return tickets.

    It's quite likely that to purchase a one-way ticket will be more expensive than the (excursion rate, restricted changes) return ticket.

    You can go through the exercize of purchasing the one-way ticket and see what the price is, abandoning the transaction before you confirm the purchase.

    Then look for the return ticket option.

    Another (possibly cheaper) option would be to look at Bangkok-LA costs,and LA-LV flights separately.

    China Airways usually have reasonably priced flights to LA via Taipei.

    Two reasonable sites are and

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    Check out Flight Center. We book all our international travel through them and they have reasonable rates.

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    why not just check with the airlines reservation center. First do a search on the web of airlines and cost then call the airline you like to fly on.

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  • 1 decade ago

    contact a travel agent. The person should be able to help you.

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