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Need help defending myself?

I was choked last year by a kid at my school from behind and i could have died because the principal said i went blue when she walked in the room what are some good ways to defend myself against chokes and punchs.

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    Well if you don't plan on enrolling in a self defense class and are just asking for survival tips in case it happens again then first you have to identify what type of choke is being applied. There are many types of chokes, but the two most common are the rear choke and the front choke.

    The rear choke basically consists of someone standing behind you and wrapping their arm around your neck with the crook of their elbow positioned somewhere near your throat. To defend against this, you need to ease the pressure on your throat by putting a hand or both hands on his forearm or elbow and pull down as hard as you can. Or you can pull down with one hand while the other reaches up and grabs a handful of his hair and attempt to pull his head down over your shoulders, this won't break his hold, but it would ease the pressure around your neck giving you space to breath. Then you can either try to stomp on his foot, bite his arm or trip him and fall backwards trying to land on top of him, once on the ground you can squirm around and use your elbows to try to break free and run away, you can also slam the back of your head against his face and aim for his nose, this will hurt you a little bit, but if adrenaline sets in, this won't hurt as much.

    A front choke consists of someone standing in front of you or sitting atop you and choking you by wrapping both hands around your throat in a vise like grip. This is relatively easier to defend against compared to a rear choke, just knee him in the groin if you're both standing or poke him in the eye with a finger to break his hold, then push him away and run as far as you can away from him.

    Another common choke that might be applied on you is the guillotine choke, it consists of someone standing in front of you, but he makes you bend over with your head positioned to one of his side, your shoulder is in front of his belly and he wraps his arm around your neck in a reverse rear choke hold. In Wrestling, this is called a frontface lock, the late great Bruce Lee taught the perfect counter to this type of choke that's both quick and effective, just throw a punch straight into his exposed groin, then push him away and make like the roadrunner.

    As for defending against punches, the hundred meter dash is a pretty useful skill to avoid getting hit.

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    Learn to run, really fast.

    If you are actually serious about defending yourself, go to a class in your area or find someone who trains in Martial arts like Aikido, Judo or Jiujitsu. These are all close combat arts which focus on situations where you get grabbed.

    Basic things to remember if someone is trying to attack you:

    1) Keep your hands up and in front of you, doesn't matter how you do it, having your hands there is better than having nothing.

    2) Never have your back towards a wall, always try to back away and turn to an exit so you can run and scream.

    3) If somehow they get past your hands, clasp your hands together, place them behind your head and squeeze your head with your elbows. Keep your head down and curl your body up and run when you can.

    4) Stand diagonally or sideways, when your side is towards your attacker, they have less room to strike you.

    When some is trying to choke you and you can see it coming, tilt your head forwards so your chin is touching your chest. Do this as fast as you can so they can't get a grip around your neck and choke you.

    It also puts you in a pretty good position to bite.

    Don't panic, when you panic, you forget you have legs, and legs especially shins and feet are very sensitive to pain. Kick your heels into their shin or their foot.

    Always remember, if you can run, run.

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    A good well rounded style would be freestyle Karate.You will learn stand up,ground,grappling and weapons.What a lot of people don't understand is that freestyle Karate is about practical street defence not who can kick the highest or punch a pad the hardest.It's definitely not a sport martial art like TKD or BJJ.The motto of my style is the best of everything in progression.Basically that means we don't care where the technique comes from we improve it and integrate it into our style while still maintaining tradition as do most freestyle Karate's.

    The hardest thing is finding a good experienced instructor.I would recommend Bushi Kai or Zen Do Kai, but if your not in Australia or New Zealand you may have some difficulty finding some one who teaches these styles.These styles also usually have separate classes available to everyone in Muay Thai and BJJ/Submission/Shoot wrestling.If you can't find one of these i would suggest Kempo or Enshin or another freestyle Karate.

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    Learn to sprawl like a wrestler. This way you can't be effecctiveley taken down (and thus choked).

    As for punch defence, either learn to box or kickbox. This'll provide effective offense and defense.

    Source(s): Expericenc and no team speak
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    when someone chokes you, raise your arms above your head and curl your tonuge (that helps you get air)

    There are many techniques to get out of that position, but describing them online would be pointless

    Study self defense techniques. You can look online, but the best places to study are 'hands on' classes in self defense

    Good luck!

  • thats a very worse case scenario to be in....I myself would have gotten an all out revenge if I could have died, but if I was in your situation, I would have grabbed his nutsacks and ripped it out as hard as I could, Im gonna die anyway....or grab an eye ball pluck it out and push your fingers into his brain, or pick him up and jump out the window with him if you have the strenght or just pick him up and dump him on his head...but you only have a very small timeframe for doing this as you would have figured out, when you get chocked you get weaker and weaker.

    nobody should ever have to go through being chocked at school, thats not right.

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    Tuck your chin to your chest, it prevents them from getting to your neck.

    If you have the room, grab their amrs so they can't let go, step back into them in slamming your butt into your abdomen/stomach and bend forwards. Ideally done, this will flip them over you or atleast over a hip......but the counter to this would be for the attacker to crouch down lower than you. If this would happen, read below.

    Stomp on their foot, kick backwards into their knee (becareful though as this could break their knee), throw your elbows back into their stomach.....if your attacker makes the mistake of not putting one of his/her hands behind your head, throw your head back into their could always reach up behind you (if you have the size to) and rip off an ear.

    Source(s): I know the flip works both straight over the back and over the hip because I've done it. During class, my friend surprised me by trying to grab my/choke me from behind. Before got the lock on, I grabbed his arms so he couldn't let go, threw my leg back and bent over forward and threw him over my back. Later on, another friend did this and knowing what would happen, he tried to get lower than my other friend.....I threw him over my hip instead. If you don't know any martial arts, then I would not to try the flipping technique and go with foot stomps, elbows, knees kicks and headbutts. Oh, and pinching the skin right behind the elbow works too. Hurts like hell.
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    Heres a short simple answer.

    Take JuiJitsu.

    Or sneak up and choke out the guy that did it to you. After he passes out, start punching him..... and dont stop.

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    I study Krav Maga. I really like it and it is very easy to learn. The techniques are easy to do and very effective. Check it out.

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