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cheer songs?

Can you think of any songs that would be good in a cheer dance song?

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    "batdance" by Prince from the movie "Batman" with Michael Keaton.

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    any good cheer songs r good hip hop and pretty much fast songs so u can go fast 4 ur routine. my cheer team always has a story 2 our songs and stunts in the routine. and we usually win 1 or 2 place but never 3. that's pretty cool! we have a song called "Party People" and it is a good song 2 do a routine 4.

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    Mickey by B*witched

    Freakum Dress by Beyonce

    Have fun!

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    umm... i think wipeout by the surfari's is a really good song. its upbeat.

    i do synchronized swimming. and the song for our routine is: bittersweet sypmphony dance remix. its really good.

    or bad boy by cascada. or listen to your heart by dht. hope it helps.

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