Please help me!!! I'm not sure if I like this guy...what should I do?

Ok, so I went out with this guy, that's 4 years older than me (He's 20 and I'm 16, almost 17). He's really nice and all, but there's a problem, he speaks portuguese and I speak spanish, we can kind of understand each other I guess. But I don't really know if I like him or not...what should I do? What's wrong with me???

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    At your age, this is a *large* age difference.

    The language barrier *is* a serious problem.

    As to whether or not you like him, maybe you should make up your mind before investing time in the relationship.

    A knowledge of Portuguese on your part, or Spanish on his, would go a ways towards resolving this problem...assuming that neither of you are lying, either to the other, or to your selves.

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    there is nothing wrong with you find some time to fit in some portuguese lessons. Maybe you shouldn't be dating a guy thats 20 that will be out of college by the time you're because theres a big chance he will find another girl in college or when he gets out he will have the rest of his life to look for one.

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    wow, that's like, an interesting situation.

    Well, If you like someone, its not whether you understand them, its if you can feel something when you're with them,.

    You kinda feel like there is no one else around when you two are there [and i don't mean like, you two are in a deserted road]. You feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If it is the age that's bothering you, then maybe you aren't ready to date him. If you can kinda understand each other...maybe like, try to teach each other words. like him you teach Spanish and you he teaches Portuguese. But not in a crappy "lesson 1: how to write ____" Just like, if you say something and he doesn't get it to him. Make learning fun :D!

    Age shouldn't matter. well...unless it really bugs you.

    Language is a problem, but you can overcome that [maybe >_<]

    As to where you like him or not, thats really for you to decide

    Hoped i helped. :3 And dont worry, nothing wrong with you

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    so many problems with this...

    -language barrier...i mean c'mon'll be like a one-night stand so don't waste your time, it's never gonna get past a week!

    -age difference...well you know that it's illegal for a 16/17 yr old to date a guy above 18 rught? no one cares but he could just be wanting sex from you.

    -just be friends with him, don't take it too far.

    -nothing's wrong with you, but you should just use common sense, even if it is hard when it comes to guys. be smart!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is nothing wrong with you. And I don't think anyone on here can tell you if you like him or's something you need to decide on your own.

    If you had a good time, then see him again and take it day by day. If not....enjoy being single!

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    You don't speak the same language? Sorry, but that seems like a problem to me.

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    If you don't really know if you like him or not you probably do not like him because you usually can tell right away if you like someone. I don't think he is right for you because you can barely understand him. Good luck!!

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    I don't like the big age difference, one. Two, try learning each other's language. It's a good bonding experience. But if you don't genuinely like him, don't bother.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sleep with him and see how you feel about him after that…Problem solved.

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