Help taking doors off of my 2000 jeep wrangler full doors?

Same as tittle, any tips or hints, I got the bolts off, but where do I go from here, im sittting right next to it now so any advice I will try right away. Where would I put any lube, or any tips will help. Thanks in advance
Update: Do I need to hammer onto the screws where I took the bolts off to take the pin out? Or does the pin even come out for that matter...
Update 2: I did that, they will not come off......
Update 3: it is soaked in wd40
it is not budging:(
Update 4: still will not budge
Update 5: when I pull on the doors it is lifting the car up.... ive had 3 people pulling on it at once at one time
Update 6: im starting to get really depressed now......:'( if anyone else has any other suggestion it would make my birthday so much better