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help taking doors off of my 2000 jeep wrangler full doors?

Same as tittle, any tips or hints, I got the bolts off, but where do I go from here, im sittting right next to it now so any advice I will try right away. Where would I put any lube, or any tips will help. Thanks in advance


Do I need to hammer onto the screws where I took the bolts off to take the pin out? Or does the pin even come out for that matter...

Update 2:

I did that, they will not come off......

Update 3:

it is soaked in wd40

it is not budging:(

Update 4:

still will not budge

Update 5:

when I pull on the doors it is lifting the car up.... ive had 3 people pulling on it at once at one time

Update 6:

im starting to get really depressed now......:'( if anyone else has any other suggestion it would make my birthday so much better

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    There are two hinges on each door. The hinge pin is part of the hinge on the door and doesn't separate from the door.

    At the bottom of each hinge is a nut. Remove these nuts. Then pivot the door open/closed while lifting upward. This will work the pin out of the hole and the door off the Jeep.

    Be careful as it comes up and off that you don't drop it. The doors are heavy.

    When you get the doors off, pull fuse #4 (fuses behind the glove box) to disable the interior lights that normally come on when the doors open.

    Post back if you have any questions.


    Try some WD-40 on the hinge pins. Lift hard as you pivot the door. This is how they come off; you should not need a hammer or special tools.

    --[edit #2]--

    Here is a link to a write-up that begins with door removal:

    I forgot to mention, be sure to disconnect the straps inside before removing the doors.

    --[edit #3]--

    The link above has a picture of the nuts that get removed. Be certain that these are the nuts you've taken off, two on each side (4 total). If the door can swing open/closed, and the 13mm nuts are off, you *should* able to remove it.

    --[edit #4]--

    I found a write-up. Here is the text:

    If you are still having problems getting them off, use some motion lotion like p.b. blaster or wd-40 and work the hinge back and forth while pulling up with a great amount of human force concentrated on the middle part of the door so the hinges dont bind up. keep swinging and pulling and eventually you will get it. when they are off clean the posts with emery cloth and keep a coating of bearing grease on the pins for easy removal next time. re-apply every time the doors are removed and right before they go on for the last time of the season.

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    Jeep Wrangler Door Removal

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    2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

  • Once the nuts are removed from the hinges, open the doors and lift up on them. (Make sure you remove both nuts from the doors). If this is the first time they have been taken off, it may take some effort getting them out of the hinges. Push up on the doors while moving them from side to side. Make sure you have a good grip on them, because once they come out of the hinges, they may slip out of your hands. Also, try using WD40 on the hinges to lubricate them while moving the door back and forth. Once you get the doors off, lubricate the hinges again to make it easier to replace the doors and for it to be easier to get them off again. Whatever you do, do not use a hammer on the hinges. You may risk bending the hinges or the bolt.

    Also, try rolling your window down and standing inside of the Jeep and pulling up on the window sill of the door. If it still won't come out, you may have a bent bolt on the door hinge.

    Source(s): Owner of 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with half doors and owner of 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with full doors.
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    Once you have the nut off, open the will now just lift off. It's heavy, so it may feel stuck, but it'll come. Don't forget to detatch the door strap first.

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