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What kind of indoor plant/flower is this?

I found this plant from the nursery and I am going to buy it, but i don't know what it is, and what the requirements are. Ok, it was about 2 feet all, and had 3 one inch thick beige coloured stems that curled perfectly around eachother. They had green leaves, and had big red flowers. It is an indoor plant. Does anyone know what this might be? Pictures?

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    The nursery doesn't know what it is? Ask. Hibiscus are not typically indoor plants, but I can't think of any other plant that has large red flowers.

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    It is a hibiscus. Beautiful indoor and outdoor plant. Very finicky to light, heat and moisture. It must be protected if left outdoors for the winter or bring it inside. Fertilizing is the key to keep the big beautiful blooms coming.

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