Schools of choice....good idea or bad?

What is your opinion? (I'm not saying which side I am on, want to hear yours first!)

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    I taught at a fine arts and communication magnet school for the past 5 years. I really think choice is a good idea. However, I think the push needs to be on creating choices in the public school system. Our tax dollars should go to support public education, not private education.

    I think when students have an interest in something, that needs to be fostered. I don't care if it's arts, sports, medicine, whatever--by encouraging their passions, we are also supporting them as learners.

    I feel like my most important job as an educator is to teach children how to think on their own. Most of my kids will never major in English or become writers or teachers. I understand that. I don't care so much that they learn all the grammatical rules; I do care that they learn how to be a productive member of society and how to form and back up their own opinions.

    I think school choice is a great avenue for this. If the kids have a few classes that they absolutely love, they will be more interested in coming to school. In addition, if they want to continue doing what they love, they also understand that they must succeed in all their classes.

    The biggest problem I have with private school vouchers is that, in FL, private school teachers don't have to be certified. They are often paid much less than public school teachers and many of them are substandard. Private schools are not held to the same accountability standards that public schools are. That's fine with me, but don't be spending my tax dollars on something that may or may not be quality.

    So I'm in favor of school choice, but not in favor of private school vouchers.

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    Choice of public schools (with the parents having to provide transportation if they choose a school outside of a certain distance) within a district is a good idea. Using state and federal education funds to pay for private schools (the idea behind voucher programs) is not only a bad idea, but may be unconstitutional as well (since the government must have seperation of church and state, it has been argued that using public funds to pay tuition for religous based private schools is illegal). My arguement does not lay in the constitutionality of the law, but in the book keeping. For schools to offer vouchers, they must be "failing"...test scores are not imporving as outlined in No CHild Left Behind. Very often, one of the reasons a system is in trouble is they do not have the funds needed to find new ways and materials to teach the needed subjects. To then take even more money from these struggling schools to send one child to a private school effects every child's right to a public education.

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