My pregnant girlfriend left me, is it the hormones?

So, my pregnant girlfriend which I have known since the second grade all of a sudden started hating me and left me. We have had arguments here and there and I have played my part but is that enough to just leave me like that with no explanation? We were suppose to move in together, ma bey thats why? Well then why didn't she just tell me. People are saying that its the pregnancy hormones? This sucks, I feel lost without her. I'm afraid that I might lose love for her while she takes this time. Not that I don't care but I'm hurting and It's making me start to not like her. Come on women, help me out :)


Just want to let you know that I am still trying and not giving up. She won't answer my phone calls and I went to her house to give her flowers and told her I loved her and I'm not giving up and what can I do, she said "Just leave me alone" took the flowers and closed the door. Before this happened, it seemed as if everything I did made her upset. I asked her to tell me about it. She said she didn't want to talk about it. I tried taking her out to a nice restaurant and all sorts of stuff. She told me how happy it made her but then the next thing I know, shes gone. Ma bey I should have given her more space.

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    You are both immature. Stop having children and grow up.

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    Being unmarried and I'm guessing young and pregnant is scary and hard. All women are crazy and emotional while pregnant, but her situation is especially hard. Try not to think badly of her, and be there for you whenever she needs you or comes back. She will. Be understanding, you are about to have a child together, now is a time for maturity. You need to be all about supporting her right now. If she needs some time alone, then take that time apart to get yourself ready for parenthood.

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    i'm very sorry...if it is you interior the photograph it fairly is an extremely spectacular one. whilst i won't be able to say that i've got heard of this actual difficulty, it does not sound out of place. My suggestion could be to get each thing you think of the baby desires, beautify the room (if that's what you have been going to do interior the 1st place) and have issues available like diapers and milk. merely commence making those form of purchases because of the fact each thing WILL replace as quickly as she has the baby. My son's father and that i broke up in the previous I knew i grow to be pregnant, we fought like cats and canines in the previous Josh grow to be born yet getting closer to the due date, we chilled and it wasn't even an argument. you have have been given to take a stand (we secretly love that) and forget approximately her thoughts. do not combat together with her, circulate round her such as you do not care and then while she calls or needs to argue permit her be attentive to, "i'm not dealing with you like that because of the fact i don't pick any further rigidity on the baby. call me once you cool down and that i would be extra beneficial than satisfied to talk." Then while she tries to talk ask her issues like, "i grow to be in ok-mart as we communicate. Do you think of I might desire to %. up some onesis for the baby or general t-shirts?". while she solutions, tell her something like, "I knew I might desire to ask you" and %. her on the cheek. Congratulations and that i desire you God velocity on your new addition and particular, i think of your female buddy is coming returned.

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    Is this like her to up and leave? Has she been storming out for a drive lately? It could be just the hormones, but this behavior could be a way to punish you. Call everyone you know. Like her girlfriends, family.

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