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i have japanese maple and the stems seem to losing color. what could cause this?

the leaves seem to not as good as they should be. the tree is small.

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    not knowing whther this plant in a pot or the ground is challenging. Stems losing color would indicate the plant has stressed due to water problems. If the water does not drain freely away from the root zone the stems will wrinkle and lose color. If caused by a lack of water the foliage first would turn brown, dry and crispy followed by stem withering. New growth is always a good of rule of thumb to determine if the plant's plumbing system is in good order.

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    All maples are. that's familiar this time of the 300 and sixty 5 days for the leaves to instruct. relies upon on the form of maple, the go away could be brown, yellow, or purple. right here's a hyperlink on being concerned of jap maple.

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    Did it go from shade , or a crowded situation ( where you bought it ) to full sun ? That might burn the leaves and fade the bark.

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    tree could be planted to deep in the soil.

    maybe overwatering it .

    sitting in water.

    not enough sun.

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