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My doberman is going on 5 months now and his markings have been changing as his gotten older? is this normal?

he is a black and rust male dobe. my concern is if it might be bad genetics or maybe that he is not a pure breed... in that case i would have to confront the breeder since the dog is still under warranty. The markings aboce the eyes (eyebrows) which are rust in color have grown to a point where they cover the entire eye now. so it looks more like a patch instead of the small markings they are known for above the eyes. I couldn't find anything on google and every dobe picture i've looked at online is not like that. I'm also waiting for the nkc papers so i'm just trying to gather as much info. before confronting the breeder. thxs for the help!!!


The nkc is the national kennel club. as for the warranty on the dogs i do have it on paper. And i have formed a strong with the dog and wouldn't want to give it back to the breeder but you have to understand i was charged for a pure breed, and genetics also concern me becuase it can be a sign of bad breeding and more problems to come.

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    Many dog's coats & colors change until they're 1-2 yrs old. When 1 of my poodles was born, he looked brindle like a bulldog color. He's 2 yrs old now & is tri-colored, black/silver/white. Dad was silver & mom is cream. And when dalmations are born, they are mainly white & the spots slowly develop. Be patient with your dobe, his color has not finished developing & the rust your seeing may go away. I would contact the breeder & ask how the parent's coat & colors developed over time.

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    As I understand it, the color markings for Rotts and Dobes is the same.

    Over 22 years experience with Rotts, the only thing that I've seen is the color changing. If you feed food that is higher in copper, you'll see the marking get more red.

    I've never seen the markings expand in size.

    All of that being said, why is it an issue?

    If you are planning on showing your dog in conformation then I'd go back to the breeder. If not, it won't change the bond that you and your dog have formed. Is it really that important to lose the bond that the two of you have formed.

    I truly doubt that it's bad genetics or not being a pure bred.

    That's an opinion from someone with 3 years of genetics in college and a lot of years experience with dogs.

    By the way, what is NKC, I've never heard of that organization.

    I am a judge for the American Kennel Club and the Australian Shepherd Club of America.

    Extra info. - I've been involved with dogs for nearly 40 years. I am a judge for the American Kennel Club and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. This is the first I've heard of the NKC. Visited their website. Given what I'm seeing, I am a bit skeptical about the organization.

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    First, the markings never change on purebred dobies.

    Second, did you get that warranty in writing? If not, you have no warranty.

    Third, if you bought a dog from a breeder that didn't have papers in hand, you aren't getting any papers. I am not sure how old the puppy was when you got it, but breeders request papers shortly after the birth of the litter, and they have them in hand by the time the litter is ready.

    Sounds like you may have gotten ripped off

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