How can one cure their Homosexual feelings?

My friend and I are having feelings for each other, and we are both males. However, I also have feelings for a girl. How can I get rid of these wrong feelings? Is there a western medicine, eastern medicine, or spiritual way to get rid of the gay?


If you aren't serious about trying to cure Homosexuality, please don't answer. For those that were serious, I thank you.

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    it is mind over matter. you can train your brain to do anything you want it to do if you want it bad enough.

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    There is absolutly NOTHING wrong with being gay. It is perfectly natural and normal for some people. They are just born that way. You cant change it only accept and embrace it. the other folks who answered your question are ignorant. Changing from gay to straight is the same thing as asking a straight person to all of a sudden become gay. It cant happen and it doesnt work to just "pray" or "go to church". There is nothing wrong with it so you cant change it. God loves all.

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    Curiosity is not always an indicator of homosexuality. I wouldn't act out anything unless you are willing to potentially lose a friend. You don't state your age and I am guessing you are a teen? Give yourselves time and don't rush into anything, if you are gay, it's not a disease! Please don't stress out over this, just take the time to think things thru and don't rush things.

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    Try going to church and reading a bible, bibles have indexes/glossaries in the back, try reading some scriptures that sound interesting to you. Try to go to a fun foursquare church that isn't strict. I go to church in jeans and a sweatshirt and it's all different kinds of people. Try to get into one like this. Maybe talk to a really good friend about it, maybe the girl if you are good enough friends with her and feel comfortable talking to her about that sort of thing. You can try talking to a counselor also.

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  • 1 decade ago

    just ignore the homo thoughts and feelings. if that doesnt work just pray. ask the lord to cleanse your mind and body of the impure thoughts

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