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Can you advice me on electric guitar?

Well I finally have decided to try to play an electric guitar however I had never play an electric one before, I just played acoustic, so what would be a good guitar for beginners, what kind of amp? any pedals? or do you know any webpage that can educate me?

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    when i first started to play electric guitar my brother gave me an epiphone les paul, this was a very decent guitar for the money, $160 with 10watt amp, gig bag, and other accessories, for the money i think that this is the best deal out there. This guitar is great for beginners, however you will more than likely want to upgrade in a few years seeing as the amp is very small and the pickups tend to have a washed out sound the louder you play it. i have played other bundle package beginner guitars and they are not very good. As for Epiphone guitars in general i am very pleased with them they are quality guitars but are much cheaper than say their counter part Gibsons, seeing as epiphone is a division of gibsion. I have owned two of their guitars and am very satisfied with them both.

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    I got my first guitar when I was 14, it was a Fender Squire. Not the best guitar ever, but it's good to learn on. I got it in a package with an amp, cord, case, etc. It was about $150-200 or so. Maybe a bit less. Do NOT get a First Act guitar. They are seriously horrible. With a Fender Squire, if you like it enough after you've improved, you can just upgrade your pick-ups. I've moved up to an Ibanez Artcore, and I am loving it. But yeah, start with something a bit cheaper, then you can always upgrade as you improve. You have a Guitar Center near you? Check them out. They have good deals.

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