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Where are the "Celebrate Heterosexual" days and heterosexual parades?


I honestly don't care what your sexual orientation is. But seriously, where are the heterosexual marriage parades and heterosexual marriage day celebrations and why don't theme parks dedicate days and cruises to heterosexual marriages? You wana be homosexual ..fine...really. But why does it have to be celebrated?

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    Yeah, i don't know what the big deal is- society has already accepted & tolerated them on a daily basis. What more do they want? It's not like a MLK day or something- we're talking about something that is supposed to be your business only.

  • I know what you mean. gays have nothing to be proud of. they should be ashamed, they should be discouraged. I don't give a diddly damn how many people support them, they're just adding fuel to the proverbial fire. if you don't think there's something wrong with it, there's something wrong with you, and your word is not credible. oh sure, I forgot Americas golden rule, who cares if it doesn't effect me, or was it, why should I give a damn what other people do. you're absolutely right, we should just let this world go to hell, after all, why should we care? not our problem, right? who cares that they've screwed up this country's political climate, why bother thinking about our rights that they stole. after all, all they're doing is leading our planet to the threshold of hell.

    is THAT what you're saying you sick ignorant people that support queers?! I suppose now that the gay ******'s pride parade is such a HUGE success, next we should have a molester pride parade, and then maybe an anti-Christ parade, oh, who else did I leave out, how about parades for murderers, global warming, non-renewable resources, any of those ideas strike your fancy?

    I don't get why people support evil, while good people are not. hmm, we should really do something. we can use bad bombs for good, if we select the right target. get what I'm saying? let's make a stand against this disease, let us stand and FIGHT! kill the gays, save our world. come on! it's them or us! whose side you want to be on? good, or queer?

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    Mr Darwin, for the existence of me, I purely can not determine you out. Are you reliable? Are you a pot stirrer? somebody who intentionally asks outlandish inquiries to get people to stretch their brains and actually think of with regard to the themes dealing with the international immediately? Or are you basically a moron? If that's the former, carry on with it. you may tick some people off, yet you're enticing them, making them think of roughly what they might or won't believe in. and that's continually powerful. If that's the latter, properly, i'm sorry. Now, on your question. The Irish (God bless 'em) are considered one of this usa's unique minorities. they are additionally a enormously good fulfillment tale for assimilation and the yank Dream on an identical time as nevertheless keeping their cultural history. (of direction, the undeniable fact that they've been white and spoke English probable did not harm.) If I have been able to tug off that style of balancing act in two hundred short years, i could probable take excitement in a lager and a parade, too. God Bless united statesa.. I do trust you on one component. i'm not of Irish descent myself and there does look to me to be a societal rigidity to a minimum of "faux" to be Irish each March seventeenth. Now, I certainly have not something against the Irish and and that i think of that's great that they've their special day to have fun their Irishness. do purely not look down on me because of fact i decide for to not participate or faux to be some thing i'm not. in fact, i circulate out of my thank you to not placed on eco-friendly on St Patrick's Day. Now, you lost me on the finished marrying / debauchery / parade component in the middle there, yet there's no reason you may desire to not take care of your self an incredible little directly agnostic Lithuanian married to a Hungariian Irish Italian Scot parade. won't be an exceedingly huge parade, yet that's not the component. in the Land of the unfastened, in case you elect a parade, with particular few exceptions, you've gotten one. whether you're Irish.

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    Maybe we should start our own National Heterosexual Pride Day

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    its called the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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    It's called a college fraternity party.

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    You will be accused of being in the Klan for remarks like that.

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    we celebrate it every day doing the normal stuff

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    i wish i new we miss out on everything dont we ah well we will have to start one how does hetrosexual day sound??

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    ..anywhere but San Fransisco

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