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Science and the Bible rolled into one?

This website contains scientific analysis of the Bible and I thought where better to put it then here?

As for the question, do you believe the credibility of this site? I personally do.

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    interesting web site. It might take a while to go through everything but there are some interesting points. One thing about "other" ancient texts being similar is not really to disprove the bible but rather to make it more believable. (similarities with creation, with the law - some laws are absolutely identical etc.) ... anyway this is a long discussion and has two points of view but thanks for that web site - interesting.

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    Any person or source of information that starts out telling you how balanced or truthful or fair it is is bound to be bogus. Its like a person starting out a conversation with saying "Trust me"...

    Just like this type of person this website is about to feed you a line of bullcrap.

    i started going threw some of the pages and read much of it and ive all ready found way too many inconsitencies, too many things that they made one assumption when there are several that could be made from their own "evidence" that i dont even know where to begin..

    if you buy into this stuff thats fine, im not going to stop you

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    There is plenty of evidence AGAINST EVOLUTION:.

    First, the 'Cambrian explosion'...... the millions of fossil types in Cambrian rock (oldest fossil bearing rocks) appear suddenly and fully formed and without any previous forms...IOW, there are no transitional forms.

    Most well educated evolutionists, when forced to, will admit it, but very unwillingly, and even then they always want to seem to make new excuses for it. Usually they just don't say anything about it and hope noone finds out.


    It is amazing to me that those who push evolution theory so vehemently don't even know what most evolutionary scientists have said about the fossil record....

    Even Charles Darwin was honest when he confesses

    in 'Origin of Species'; " But as by THIS THEORY innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we NOT find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?" -Charles Darwin

    To the above fact, even the most world renown (evolutionary) biologists agree...." New species almost always appear suddenly in the fossil record with NO intermediate links to ancestors in older rocks in the same region. The fossil record with its abrupt transitions OFFERS NO SUPPORT for gradual change". - Stephen J. Gould (Natural History , June, 1977, p.22)

    "The extreme rarity (of transitional forms) in the fossil record persists as the 'trade secret' of palentology. The evolutionary tree (diagarms) that adorn our textbooks is.....NOT the evidence of fossils". - Stephen Gould (Natural History, 1977, vol.86, p.13)

    The thing to remember is that evolution is still just a theory - a hypothesis, a speculation, an unproven assumption, and certainly is NOT supported by the fossil record.

    According to Scripture NOTHING evolved but everything was created "AFTER THEIR KIND"....which is directly consistent with the fossil record.

    "From the beginning of the Creation God made them male and female..."-- Jesus (Mk. 10:6)

    Scripture says God SPOKE all things into existence with His Word:

    " By the Word of the Lord were the heavens created, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.... For HE SPAKE AND IT WAS DONE; HE COMMANDED AND IT STOOD FAST". (psalm 33:6-9)

    Source(s): Most real science confirms the Bible. See here: More resources: Creation Resource Foundation:
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    It is an interesting site, but in a five minute check I found several incorrect assumptions made.

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    Interesting way to bring together lots of different strands ...I like it.

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    This might take a while...

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    half and half ......God is not the author of confusion

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