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How many calories should I have?

Ok well for over a month I've been on a modified diet... every now and then I have Burger King or Pizza but it's pretty much been tuna and chicken. I'd say I've been having 600 - 1,000 calories a day, now that I use bread with the tuna it's more around 1,000 calories. I've gotten used to it, and have already asked if it's safe to have 3 cans of tuna a day and the answer I got was no. But is it safe to have 3 tuna sandwiches a day with fruit on the side using different types of bread from day to day? Right now I went from 194 lbs to 172 in the month but I heard I may be burning more muscle than fat... my ideal weight would be 150 lbs ( I take creatine and workout daily so exercise isn't a problem )... I just want to lose the gut, thighs, and other areas that store fat. I know I won't have the exact desired results but will a 1,000 calorie diet help me lose fat or will I be losing muscle too ( even on the creatine with working out ) ?

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    Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day with nothing, except water, in between. Take plenty of uncooked food, vegetables and fruits, preferably 50%. Chew each morsel 32 times to activate ur body system to signal hunger and fullness.

    Take light exercises and brisk walks regularly preferably twice a day.

    U will achieve much more than what u r planning to do and that too in a reasonable period. Do not be in a hurry.

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    properly you desire a undeniable volume of energy in keeping with day to your physique to easily do its familiar applications, like respiratory. So i woudlnt advise eating in basic terms 1000 thats very low. attempt to get a splash workout in daily, or three times a week on the wellbeing membership or some thing, you will shed weight lots swifter by way of eating extra healthy and dealing out a splash, then in simple terms slicing energy. additionally in case you consume too little, your physique will bypass into starvation mode and additionally you will definitely commence turning each little thing your eating without delay into fat considering your physique is storing any foodstuff for later reason its uncertain once you will consume returned. So, eating that little can placed you in starvation mode which will definitely do the choice of what you want. workout additionally releases endorphins which make you satisfied, and who doesnt wanna be satisfied!?

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