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what is the best dry cat food out there?

i've been giving my cat science diet and he seems to get skin rashes from it and i've been reading that science diet isn't that great as the vets say and that it contains a lot of fillers. i've been reading good things about Innova Evo cat food. has anyone tried it?? what food do you recommend?? thanks!

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    Look at the ingredients in science diet: It is not real meat, it is bird beaks and sick stuff. Try Wellness or Innova or California Natural. They are the same price or sometimes cheaper, but they are REAL meat, and also have no harsh chemicals. I saw a HUGE improvement in my cat when I switched. I think Science Diet causes a lot of health issues. But they pay to get vets thorugh school, so vets are programmed to recommend that junk. EVO is WONDERFUL!! It is made from Innova, I would definitely try it. It is more like the natural diet than anything, and your cat will be beautiful and yuou should see improvements soon. My cat with kidney disease gained weight and perked up within a week of going on Innova Lite from that SD gabage KD stuff. Also, you can try adding a little extra salmon oil to food to help out the skin. Good luck!

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    Innova is a very good food, as is Felidae, Wellness, California Blend, Natural Balance, etc. Some animals thrive on the grocery store foods and never have a problem, some have problems and need the better foods. The foods from the grocery store usually have fillers in them in the form of corn, wheat, etc. and the meat that is used is the by-products of the chicken, cow, lamb, etc. Those by-products can include feet, beaks, combs of the chicken, feathers, and all sorts of "garbage". The better foods use human grade ingredients in their food, meaning they don't put anything into the food that they would not feed a person. So stick with the better foods, you don't have to feed as much, the cat and dog don't have large bowel movements that smell bad because of no junk in the food. You will also find that your kitty will probably get rid of those nasty rashes and itchies.

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    I'm no vet but I do have a cat that has had allergies. I have found only one food that will work. It's sold at select retailers. The brand is OMH (short for Old Mother Hubbard) and the line of food is "Wellness". If you go to the omh website you can pull up a page to find retailers in your area. Sometimes vets will carry them too. The big pet stores typically do not carry it. Hope this helps. My littke kitty is doing great on this stuff. It's organic and made with very simple ingredients.

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    I don't feed dry food as a rule, but on weekends I'll give them both a handful of Evo. It is one of the best of the dry foods.

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    I've been feeding science diet to my cats for year with no problems- sounds like your cat has a food allergy to something specific in the food- poultry, rice, wheat,- could be anything. Try a low allergen diet, or have your cat checked for food allergies- this is done with a blood test. You may end up having to keep the cat on low allergen food, or starting it on allergy injections.

    Source(s): I am a vet tech, and a veterinary nutritional advocate
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    My cat has FIV the feline form of HIV so she must be on high quality food to keep her health. I feed her Natures Balance in the pink bag and the wet food of the same brand as well. It is a human grade quality product, that means it must pass the same standards as human food does. Go to petco or petsmart and ask them to show you the human grade foods, they will be healthier for your pet not to mention safer as well

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    Innova Evo is a really good food. No fillers! I switched my cat from Iams to Innova and his little gas problem has stopped. He hasn't had any skin problems, but his coat does look shinier after switching. SD is definitely not that great of a food. Our vets recommend it, but I don't think it's the best choice.

    Source(s): My own kitty and I'm a vet tech.
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    My cat, Chance had all these bumps and her coat looked TERRIBLE. She was on SD, too. My vet said it was an inhalant allergy & I had to take her to get a shot every 4 wk (total pain & stressful for both of us).

    I got her on a food with no corn, wheat, soy or by-products, and within 2 weeks, her bumps vanished and coat is shiny!

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    i feed my cat the iams brand and my cat seems to like it. it never seemed to give her any rashes and the vet recommended it for us. We have never tried the Innova Evo so I'm not sure if it is good or not.

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