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is iggy pop a has-been?

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    Iggy Pop from Iggy Pop and the Stooges? kind of. Judging by the response by the first two posters, he partially is. However, recent attention has been drawn from Guitar Hero 2 because they have a song on it, and the fact he voices lil' Rummy in the comedy central animation show, lil' bush.

    I think he may still be able to comeback personally though.

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    I don't there really are many "has-beens". When I came to the USA in 1993, I thought Alice Cooper was a 1-hit has-been, simply because all I heard in the UK was Schools Out".

    Some artists go quiet & do other things - have you heard Iggy's Duet with Kate Pearson, singing Candy -

    OK - so the Scorpions are STILL touring 20 years after their last major hit. But all in all, WHAT IS A HAS-BEEN ?

    Source(s): Q. Is Ritchie Blackmore a has-been, or does he just like doing obscure stuff -
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    iggy who?!

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    he's a has been has been....but he's still alive and kick'n so gotta give him some cred for keepin on.

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