Which of the following space debris is most likely to hit the surface of the earth?

A) Meteoroids

B) Meteorite

C) Meteor

D) Asteroids

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    Answer = B.)

    Meteorites are meteors that penetrate our atmosphere and land upon the surface of the Earth.

    Also another Answer is D.)

    Asteroids are also possible candidates for hitting the surface of the Earth, although not as likely to do so.

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    Meteorites are more likely to hit the earth's surface because that's it's definition.

    Meteoroid: a boulder in the solar system

    Meteor: what you see as it enters the atmosphere. ex: a shooting star could be slang for it

    Meteorite: something that survives from being burnt up in the earth's atmosphere and impact

    Asteroid: a huge "minor planet" asteroids might make it through and survive to hit the earth's surface due to its largeness

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    B) Meteorite, Final answer.

    Meteors burn up, meteoroids, may or may not burn up, and well asteroids only hit the earth every few million years.

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    The only one that hits the earth is a meteorite so the answer is B)

    Look on the website link below, quite ineteresting on this topic.

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